Thrissur Pooram – the vibrance and symphony within

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  1. April 21, 2013 at 3:47 PM


    “Akashatinnu vellicham mazhayakunathu pole…”
    Laletta, the observation is so cute and beautiful !!

    I am writing this from Kollam, yesterday a friend of my uncle was preparing to go to
    Thrishur to take part in pooram. I asked him where do you get this confidence, this bravery to venture into such an adventure??.He was looking into my eyes with an oddness and was asking me,” what bravery , what adventure ??”.He is working and living in UK. He came a couple of days back to participate in meena bharani festival here and in a couple of days he will be back. I always think when I occasionally
    criss cross him – how can you destroy your life falling for all this festivals??
    The very word festival switches me off. The very sight of a crowd suffocates me….
    I usually clear the district and if affordable even the state..!!
    I use to think what is more beautiful than a sound, deep sleep. Its satisfaction and
    the joy it brings and how can you mess it up for …I don’t understand.

    But then, one thing I have observed which I like much about these festivals apart from the crowds, mid noon sun and sleepless nights is that people are happy, they mingle with each other and lot of ‘life’ happens. May be that is why people wait around the year for these festivals. May be that is why people flying from other continents to take part in these festivals. Everybody has a date with Vadakkumnathan in their own way – My Uncles friend like to meet him amidst crowd and I would like to meet him during the rains when no one is there in the temple…

    Life continues beautifully with all its unique expressions…

    I extend all my love and wishes to all for Thrishur Pooram and especially for Lalettan, who is waiting for lights to drizzle !!
    May the lights really drizzle !

    I don’t want to forget the elephants – may a good care of them too happen.

    With love abundant,

  2. April 22, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    you are agood writer…ennengilum ee pooram adinte agoshatil ellavareyum pole pangedukkanulla bagyam undavatte ennashamsikkunnu……….

  3. Hithinlal
    April 22, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    Njangalude sorry nammude trissur poorathe kurichu ezuthiyathinu valare nanniyundu. ella varrshavum pokarullathanu ini ennaa pokan pattunethenu ariyilla. videshathayi poyilla. mathramalla laletante puthiya filimsum. saudiyil evide filim kanananu..

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