Sorry Friends

The Art and Prayers in the Offerings

out of station

A passing milestone in a beautiful journey that is life

Resurrection of Christ within you

Time to exercise the power within you….Choose wisely

About My world of Small & Big Things – A letter to God


Delhi – more a revelation than a revolution

Sachin – An Enlightening Swansong at Wankhede

Rishiraj Singh : You are the real Superstar

Budding thoughts of the bedridden

Agri – Culture

Anguish of a Father

Rain and Remembrance…..

Looming Water War…..!!!


Thrissur Pooram – the vibrance and symphony within

Immaculate Warrior


A small act of kindness can make a big difference

2013 : Resolutions for the coming year

Amidst disowned motherhood and orphaned childhood


Nights of worship teaches!!!


Good Lesson